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DivX Play 8.2.3

DivX® 8 for Windows is a obtain free that provides everything you need have fun with high-quality video clips on your computer, such as HD H.264 (.mkv) video clips with AAC video and sound clips designed using all past editions of DivX technological innovation. You can also perform your DivX information (.divx, .avi) on an incredible number of DivX Certified® gadgets these days. Look for DivX Plus™ HD Qualified gadgets later this year that will assistance play-back of all DivX and DivX Plus information, as well as .mkv (H.264/AAC) video clips from the Internet.

Web Player: DivX Web Gamer allows you perform up to HD-quality DivX® video in your web internet browser. You can also use DivX Web Gamer to easily include DivX video clips onto your site or website.

Community Codec: With the DivX Group Codec, you can observe high-quality DivX® and DivX Plus™ (.mkv) video clips using your preferred press player or make DivX information with well-known third-party software.

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