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Lock Any Folder Without Software

There are several ways to set a password on folders. Most of thesemethods are used in the software. Thanks to this tip, you can easilycreate a password protected folder. But first make a new folderin the commonfiles, copy and tryit thine, come to understand well when they keep their important data in this folder, so do not lose anything.

For this work, make a new folder anywhere. Right click the folderand select Newfrom the menu Make Text document.
I made ​​itto paste the codeinto a text file. Since the code is too long and difficultto type, so we made​​a Word file thatyou placed on the following link, it opens the text file, copy and paste it into Notepad:

This is where Bjaber Here youhave to write your password. If you do not edit thepassword will be the same folder. By any name this text file at the end. Bat extension and downin the Save as type to All files and save.

Suppose you have a folder with the name of the file made ​​locker.bat now runit by double clicking it will make a new folder within the same folder. That will be yoursecret folder.

Double click on the file again locker.bat a command prompt windowwill open and will ask whether you want to lock the folder. Y Text and press ENTER. Folderwill disappear immediately.

Double-click on the file again if the locker command prompt windowwill open whichwill ask for a password.

When typing the correct password and press ENTER to return tothe same folder. While the wrong will not see the password in a folder.








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