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Download CloneApp for easy backup of all your Installed Programs in Windows

Computer back to its original performance of the treatment, re-install Windows, no one above. But the re-installation of Windows do not fear as much as you think of all the programs installed. The problem is that we need to install the programs are to be set. And reinstall them again to perform the same settings is quite dangerous job.

A program with all its settings to backup, clone app 'program has been introduced. Clone app uninstall any program of this profile folders, and Windows registry configuration program makes backup. It supports the programs contained in the list, but the list does not have any other program which the 'customs' option can be added. But this feature does not exist in the programs installed on your computer display.

Once the store, even before the program comes with exactly the same settings.

Through this program to back up the first '' options' menu must review. Also read more about the details.

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