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Scientific Calculator For Android v3.6.7

This application is a fully featured scientific calculator with support for charts, matrices, complex numbers, solving equations and unit converter. The application allows the user to perform almost any operation with numbers and functions on your android gadget.

Modes of application:
- Basic mode.
- Scientific Calculator.
— Hex, Oct, Bin (режим программиста).
- Charts.
- Matrix.
- Complex numbers.
- Fast formula.
- Converter.
- Time Calculator.
- The solution of equations.
- Periodic Table of Elements.

The transitions between the modes of the program, in addition to references to the menu "More" may be carried out gestures horizontal scroll bar to the right or to the left. Check the settings in the position corresponding checkbox. Fact switch marked low vibration device.

You can edit parameters on the display. Double-clicking while holding the display includes the edit mode, repeat this gesture - off. From character to character, the cursor moves by pressing the retention combined on the button "Left bracket / Right Arrow" and "Right bracket / left arrow."

By clicking the "info", located in the header of any mode calculator opens user's guide with the help of the program, described forty-five of the laws of physics are some mathematical formulas, tables of logarithms and antilogarithms expressions of elementary algebra, formulas, trigonometric identities, the inverter ASCII and so hereinafter.

In the converter, you can calculate the ratio of twenty-one categories of variables: distance, volume, weight, time, currency exchange rates (requires internet) and so on.

In the "Time" above all have a stopwatch, a timer, while cities in the world.

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